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A talented team

To be accompanied by the Lauzon Team is to be enriched by human real estate support, based on values that serve your objectives and your needs. Listening and with integrity, they take each project with rigor and passion, a combination that allows them to provide unique support. Over the years, their commitment has earned them warm testimonials and the trust of residents in the area.

The quality of their work is certainly a major factor… This duo combines their professionalism, expertise and talent to offer their clients first-class results. The Lauzon Team puts at your disposal a valuable network of experts recognized for the quality of their services (mortgage brokers, notaries, surveyors, etc.).

Certified Residential and Commercial Real Estate Broker AEO

Philip Lauzon

Having been surrounded by the real estate world for as long as he can remember, it was only natural that he decided to start a career in real estate brokerage. Today, his 25 years of experience in the field give him considerable knowledge.

Philip has been a successful handball player for many years, which has allowed him to develop a strong desire for excellence. While his competitive side is always present on the field, his rise to success is largely attributed to his unwavering passion for what he does.

He is a master at seeing the potential in any situation and making the most out of it, negotiating with finesse and determination to achieve a superior result for his clients.

Leaving no stone unturned, Philip understands the importance of putting the needs of others before his own. This humility sets the stage for a lasting relationship with his clients. It’s no wonder he achieves the most sustainable results in the highly competitive real estate business.

Philip is a family man who strives to make the most of his time with his family. He is particularly keen to encourage his daughters in their hobbies and studies, while taking time to enjoy outdoor sports together. Gathering around a meal is also a tradition that is very dear to him.

Valérie Fillion

From a young age, Valerie was committed to a career that would make a meaningful difference in the lives of others. After running her own daycare for three years, she turned to the real estate industry in 2012.

The combination of her personal and professional experiences make her a caring and customer-focused person. As a real estate broker, protecting her clients’ interests is of the highest importance to her.

Her expertise in project and task management ensures that the administrative aspect of the team is completed on time, every time. As a duo with complementary strengths, it is their knowledge of the different aspects of the profession that allows them to deliver results beyond expectations.

Valerie is the mother of two young women with whom she and Philip enjoy a wide variety of outdoor activities. When not spending time with her family, she unleashes her creative side by reading, crafting and engaging in other intellectually stimulating activities. Her spirit of giving extends beyond her family to the local community, where she spends time volunteering for a non-profit organization.

Residential and Commercial Real Estate Broker

Lachine : neighbourhood life

Located on the shores of the St. Lawrence River, the borough of Lachine offers its residents beautiful views of the water, natural spaces and a lively community. Known for its quality of life, rich cultural activities and recreation, the neighbourhood is particularly popular with young families.

Philip & Valerie are lovers of the local area. With over 35 years in the real estate business, they put their considerable experience at the service of Lachine residents. Having grown up in Lachine, they know all the secrets, advantages and strengths. And they still live there today with their daughters.

With their in-depth knowledge of the characteristics that make the Lachine so unique, such as its waterfront living, proximity to downtown and vibrant community, they offer an unparalleled service that guides you as a seller and a buyer.